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The Efficiency of Laser Hair Growth Treatment

The utilization of laser hair growth treatment is controversial. This is primarily because there are various medical doctors who do not firmly believe that the LLLT or Low Level Laser Therapy would actually work in fighting against hair loss and there are also other doctors who use it regularly in their patients. To learn more about Laser Therapy, click more info. Majority of the doctors believe that the laser hair growth treatment would make the healing processes quicker.

The reason behind this particular treatment modality is the so-called "Photo-biostimulation", this has been developed for about four decades ago in Budapest. Nowadays, the LLLT is utilized to treatment thinning hair and baldness. The process consists of putting laser rays to the hairless spots in order to stimulate the blood in these areas. According to experts, the laser would convert the Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP to Adenosine Diphosphate or ADP in the process, so there is release of energy that causes changes in metabolism at molecular level. ADP and ATP are constituents of the body's cells that keep energy and allow all the chemical reactions to be more efficient. During the session, oxygen and nutrients are added through the scalp to help the cellular processes and increase blood circulation. In turn it improves hair quality, makes it even grow quicker, and thickens the hair strands.

The laser hair growth treatment tools just look like a hair dryer that is placed on one's head similar to a hood. A small device inside it would rotate and releases laser rays going to the scalp.To learn more about Laser Therapy, visit These are also various hand held contraptions that appear like the usual hair brush.

There are various hair loss doctors who have good track record of success in providing treatment to their patients. But, other medical doctors believe that increased blood circulation to the hair and scalp has nothing to do with the existence of hair loss, thus, these laser hair growth treatments would not work. This particular group of doctors argues that if blood circulation did a role in hair loss, then the hair transplants will not be a reasonable remedy for hair loss. Despite of this reasoning, there are physicians who would still continuously utilize the laser hair growth treatment due to the fact that LLLT really aid in ceasing hair loss, most especially when it is used together with other kinds of treatment such as Propecia and Rogaine. The rate of success is much higher whenever there is only minimal hair loss or whenever the treatment is applied earlier. According to hair specialists, the benefit of utilizing this non-surgical method are that is imposes no side effects. This is very advantageous for many patients.Learn more from

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